Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to You!!! 29, Right

I wanted to wish Tonya a happy birthday...
There are so many reasons as to why I love her, here are a few...

1. She has the best style in the world
2. She is so smart
3. We always have a good time when we talk or hang out
4. When I grow up I want to run as far as she does (8 miles, three times a week!)
5. She always gives sound advice
6. She is the best shopping partner in the world...(or not, everything looks so cute on her, because she is a life size barbie!!!, I guess you'll be the cute one and I'll be the funny one)
7. She is a real friend- the kind you don't find that often

I am so glad that we are friends, I couldn't imagine my life without you
all the fun you bring to it.

Happy Birthday, hope you have a great one!!! love you tons

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We have celebrated a few father's day, but for some reason

this one has made more of an impression on me. I have always know how great my husband is, but since we have had Thatcher, he has been such a strength and a help with the kids. I have never met anyone who loves his kids more then Brandon. He sees the very best, he hopes to give them all that he can so that they can succeed in life. It is amazing to see how he has grown into this amazing Father and Person. It always brings a smile to my face when the whole "house" lights up when he gets home. Even Thatcher, as young as he is, will crawl at neck breaking speeds to get into his arms.

Thanks you, Lovey,

We love you so much

50 Miler, what the crap!

My wonderful husband has completed a 50 (yes, 5-0) mile hike... I know that no one would get as big of a laugh as I have,

the reason being,

when I first met Brandon he would say that his worst nightmare would be hiking to a location, reading a book, having a picinic and then cuddling with me in 90 degree weather...

It is as if I have exchanged spouses!!!

This would be the third hike that he has gone on in the past 2 months....

there was Camp Helaman where he hiked to an unhealthy elevations in like 3 miles

then him and Shane went on a twenty mile hike, you can check it out on his face book page

and finally his Goliath... the 50 miler.

He said that it was difficult and there was one day that he didn't think he could make it, but he did... He had an awesome time with the leaders and the boys that he went with.

And here is the lesson that I have learned from my husband... I have always make the argument that people don't change. Change is difficult and most people can't rise above the ease of their habits, but Brandon has taught me that we can become better, not in just small ways but in life changing ways. Just because you find yourself in rut or lifestyle that isn't offering you the full happiness that Heavenly Father would want you to have, you don't have to stay in it... You can become the person that you want to be, you can take your life in your hands and transform yourself. Thank you, Babe, you have taught me a lesson that has changed my paradigm for the better.


PS. Brandon has read numerous books, will cuddle with me in 10 out of the 12 months!! and seriously, who likes to eat sitting on a blanket with a bunch of bugs swirling around :)

hee hee.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Man Bag....

So Brandon had mentioned that he wanted a bag to take to church and work to keep his planner, scriptures... etc. I was shopping on Saturday and I came across a good deal. I purchased the bag and brought it home. When we were unloading the shopping goods from the van I asked Gracie to take the bag to Brandon and give him his surprise... to which she said....

This isn't for daddy, this is a Purse!!!!

Got to love her observation, she said it, not me....

I still love my wanna be metro sexual

Here's a little flashback, to all of those who loved FRIENDS...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Congrats, Sis

I am a little bit behind, but better late then never...

My sister Beckee graduated from BYU with here Masters in social Work...
I am so proud of her and what she has been able to accomplish.
Here are a couple of pictures.

Congrats Beckee we are so proud of you!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Parker's big boy Birthday

My sweet little guy,

isn't so sweet &
isn't so little.
I can NOT believe that my Parkee is two. It was like yesterday that I found out I was pregnant. We wanted him for so long before we were finally blessed with him. He represented a second chance in our life, and for that I will always have a special place saved for him in my heart.

My Parkee is all boy. His face lights up when he sees a backhoe or a loader. He loves playing in the dirt and hanging with his favorite buddies, his dad and his grandpa. He has started to speak in sentences, baby sentence, but still!!! Where's dada, I want that, treat, treat, treat. So cute.


He is my hardest child by far. I was telling brandon today that Park knows that I can't do much when I am holding Thatcher. It is like negotiating with a terrorist!! "No Park, come over here, please, don't walk in the road, please, don't do that, do you want a treat...." He totally knows how to work the system. But...

I have grown to appreciate his difficulty. He can drive me straight mad and then come over and give me kisses and I totally forget my anger. he has such a sweet, clever little personality. I fall more and more in love with my middle child each day.
I can't imagine my life without him and all he brings into our lives.

Happy birthday, my sweet Parkee

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

If I was on the ball, merry christmas card

Why is it that every christmas season I have these big christmas card plans, you know the kind, where you have this amazing picture where everyone looks so happy and posed just perfectly and this witty letter covering the whole year. I have the cutest cards sitting under the bed looking just as cute as can be. And that is where they will stay for yet another year. This will be my christmas card this year. It's not perfect, but here it is...

From a new baby to a new town, a cute pair of glasses and one wild man finding he can climb, and a(huge gasp!!)minivan. 2008 will be a year to remember.

Our wish for you is happiness in the year to come, Happy 2009!!